Marti (Martha Ann Boyd) McGeary was born on April 13, in Philadelphia, PA. She is the youngest of five children. Her family moved around for a few years before buying a home in Darby, PA in 1951.   In Junior and High School she enjoyed sports, cheerleading, and many club activities. She had her eye on college and was fortunate enough to get a teaching scholarship and graduated with a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education from West Chester University.
In 1963, Marti married her grade school “boy-friend”, Jim McGeary. They moved to Washington Twp., NJ and raised three children. She was active in the community, involved with her children’s activities, and enjoyed sewing, art, and refinishing furniture. Marti taught eighteen years at Wedgewood Elementary School before retiring in 1998 and moving to Deerfield Beach, FL. Marti is a member of St. Ambrose Parish and volunteers each year for the carnival to raise funds for the school. Her love for the environment and the beach led her to join The Original Save Our Beach PAC and then form the not-profit organization which she serves as Co-Chair. After losing her bid for mayor in 2004, she served four years on the Deerfield Beach Planning & Zoning Committee. She regularly attends Commission Meetings and volunteers for other charitable and community events. Marti has held various officer and chairwomen positions in the club.  She has served as GFWC District 13 Director, District 13 Legislative Chair, and as GFWC President’s Project Director.  Currently she is the Club President.
Marti and Jim celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary this year. They have five grandchildren, three boys and two girls.  Marti says: “Living in Deerfield Beach is really like living in paradise. You  get a daily dose of sunshine, the beach, and the ocean, while being surrounded by really good friends.”



One of the first persons you meet as a prospective member of the WCDB served as Financial Secretary/Membership: Her ability to handle these tasks is outstanding, as is her background.  She was born in Buffalo, N.Y., on March 18th.  After completing her studies,  she worked at the Cornell University Aeronautical Laboratory for ten years, and then spread her wings and moved to Los Angeles with a friend. Working at two temporary jobs for awhile helped her to acclimate to the L.A. lifestyle, and she accepted a permanent position in the Movie and T.V, industry, which  eventually led to the position of Administrative Assistant to John Sturgis, a Motion Picture Director. That demanding position required her to work long hours, but she enjoyed every moment of it as their work location was in LeMans, France, outside of Paris.   The interaction with the people in the industry, the background workers, and those we eventually saw on the silver screen, are most memorable to Geri. She eventually returned to her hometown, where, sadly, both parents had become seriously ill, and she lost them both within two years.  Moving on, Geri relocated to South Florida and once again found herself in the picture industry…still pictures, as she worked for Olan Mills in the Church Division for ten years as a Portrait Consultant. This also involved traveling, mostly throughout Florida. Geri says that now, in her retirement, she enjoys being able to take a deep breath and “do only what I want to do.” Geri has been a WCDB member for over 15 years.  She loves wining, dining, and movies with friends. She downplays her creativity, which is evident in her art, and her beautifully decorated apartment.  Her words of wisdom are: “Try to bring a smile to someone each day.”  Geri, you are much loved and appreciated. Thank you, for being you.


There is sure to be a huge celebration on August 4, 2012 when Joan Lojsperberger and her “great” husband celebrate their Golden Anniversary with their 2 children and their 3 grandchildren who live in Delray Beach. Their son, David, is in Philadelphia with Wells Fargo, and daughter, Susan, is a nurse. Joan, who was born on November 25th in Oneonta, N.Y., refers to herself as a  “good wife, mother and grandmother.” Through this journey, Joan, who has been a Woman’s Club member for ten years, managed to earn her Master’s Degree in Social Studies; retired after teaching school in NY both in Vestal and Johnson City; and held the office of President in both the Garden Club and the Sokel Women’s Club.  This dynamic lady still enjoys gardening, cooking, traveling and especially spending time with her grandchildren and her great husband. Also high on her list is the Woman’s Club of Deerfield Beach and the “warm and welcoming women and interesting speakers.” Her love of learning is summed up in her comment: “In life, it is always fun to learn more.” Thank you, Joan, for sharing your life with us. You are living proof that women can do it all and have it all…with great enjoyment!


No, that sound in Philadelphia on Halloween back then was not the pealing of the Liberty Bell. It was the joyful noise made by the parents, friends and family of Beatrice D. Williamson as she took her first breath, having chosen to arrive on a holiday! How fortunate are we, the members of the Women’s Club of Deerfield Beach, to have the benefit of Bea’s presence among us, as she, in the 12 years of her membership, has held the offices of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice President.  Her giving did not stop there as she was also Vice President of the PTA at one time. Bea describes herself as a homemaker. She and her sweetheart, Jim,  were blessed with 3 children, (one of whom, Diane, sadly, has passed on,) 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Reading and Bible study are passionate interests, and Bea is proud of her marriage of 61 years, raising her family, and becoming a Stephen Minister. These are indeed very notable accomplishments.  Her words of wisdom are: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, mind and spirit.”  Thank you, Bea, for your words, your contribution of time and talent, and for your presence among us.


It comes as no surprise that Judy Kahr is fond of reading. Judy is a retired school librarian. Can’t you just see her helping oh, so many school children in the Newburgh N Y school district all those years?  Her dedication carried over and she once held the office of corresponding secretary in our own Woman’s Club. This Brockton, Mass. native lists her accomplishments as raising two wonderful sons, and is blessed with 5 grandchildren to boast about. Judy, a 10-year member of our club, also loves movies, decorating, and sailing. Judy says, “I believe in the power of women to change the world for the better. Let’s keep trying.”


Midwesterner Maureen Kenny was raised in the Chicago area, where she settled down to family life with her husband and six children. When she relocated to Florida and a totally different life of independence and self employment as a prestigious Interior Designer, (often using unique hand selected fabrics purchased overseas), she brought along with her a very strong value system, as is evidenced by her accomplishments. Maureen has been a DBWC member for twelve years and is widely traveled, having visited Ireland,  China, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe and “some” states, along with considerable time spent in Belize. Her wider interests include what she refers to as sometimes “too much volunteering.” She jumps in with both feet and sees a project through to completion. In addition to taking on an active civic role by serving on the Deerfield Beah Planning and Zoning Board for 12 years, Maureen also donated a year of her time in putting together a “Women in Distress” facility including obtaining a donation of all the interior and exterior paint required for this great cause. However, her most notable accomplishment, says Maureen, is “raising six kids!” Maureen’s philosophy is:

“Be Happy! Have Fun! And be Generous, and be Good!” We thank you, Maureen.


Did you ever hear of a “friendly” IRS Adjuster?  Well, one does exist! Angelina DeLuca acted in that capacity for ten years in Andover, Mass. Before that she worked for many years doing secretarial work at the courthouse in Haverhill, Mass.  Angie has been a widow for a number of years, and raised one son, Anthony, who is nearing retirement in New Hampshire. At the young age of 93, Angelina became a member of our Woman’s Club - 6 years ago! She came into the world in Easton, Pa., and in April she celebrated her 99th birthday!  She loves to watch movies, and keeps up with current events through the news reports. Her words of wisdom are: “Take one day at a time. Count your blessings. Be optimistic.” She says that having family and friends is “the best and only worthwhile thing having,” and she tells us all to “Lead a Good Life!” Angie, we thank you for your fine example of a life well lived. You go, girl, and continue to enjoy every minute of every day!


Have you ever met anyone who was born in our Nation’s Capital? Meet Myra Wells! I wonder if she ever had thoughts, as a child, of one day becoming President.  She has served three years as OUR PRESIDENT of the GFWC Woman’s Club of Deerfield Beach!  Not only is Myra a born leader, she was a great administrator as the Director of Personnel for the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Never letting grass grow under her feet, she also tickled the ivories entertaining at a D.C. piano bar for awhile: 20 YEARS! Myra still enjoys the piano, and has given her time and talent to the Northeast Focal Point Senior Center for many years. She raised 3 children, has 5 wonderful grandchildren, and we miss her when she takes her trek “up North” for an extended annual visit. Theatre, books, music, volunteering, and club work remain her passions. She is always beaming light and joy, and her light brightens even more as she recalls her long hand beautiful marriage to her soul mate Jerry, who has passed on. When asked for words of wisdom, she wrote, thoughtfully, with a smile and a nod, “One day at a time.” We thank you, Madame President!


Didja  know that Bett Willett who produces this beautiful newsletter each month, hails from New Jersey, and that she served as a teacher, reading specialist, and school administrator before her retirement from the Westfield NJ Public School System? While raising 2 children, in between working, developing her interests in golf and ecology. Welcoming three grandchildren, and one step grandson, she looked at life with humor and enjoyment even as she remained focused on her surroundings and the environment.  When you walk our beautiful beach area in Deerfield Beach or drive on Hillsboro Beach Blvd., know that Bett was among the dedicated citizens who not only “saved our beach,” but also saved the beautiful, stately Oak trees on Hillsboro Blvd from being removed by the State.  Her contribution to these and other community projects and committees resulted in long-term improvements to the community and to our quality of life.  She serves as Conservation Chair and 1st  Vice President 2012 – 2014 of our club.


The old saying, “Give a busy person a job to do and they will do it well”, has been proven over and over again by multi-tasker, Carolyn McNamara. A resident of Deerfield Beach since 1985, Carolyn is “married with children” and spends a lot of time raising her two children and participating in their school activities.

A February baby, she was the sixth child out of ten, and the first girl to be born to that Pittsburgh family of seven boys and three girls. Growing up she learned the value of sharing and the rewards of giving back. As a result, Carolyn has been the recipient of many honors and continues to show her love for humanity through her many volunteer endeavors. A particularly special honor was when she was named our club’s ‘Volunteer of the Year” 2011 and  District 13 Volunteer of the Year.  our cat the annual convention in Orlando in 2012. How fortunate we are to have her as an active member for the past nine years! Carolyn is our chapter’s Recording Secretary as well as the secretary of her homeowner’s association and a full-time Realtor who has assisted many people with their residential needs, which has been especially challenging over the last few years. She continues to step forward to participate as she heads up other projects and participates in many other activities. Her service and dedication is appreciated and her commitment is summed up in her own words of wisdom, “I feel the club has many worthwhile endeavors”. It is because of the dedication and commitment of members like Carolyn and many others that our club proudly accomplishes all it does. Thank you, Carolyn McNamara, for all you do for your club, your family and for others.

You do make a difference!


Arlene has been a member of the Woman’s Club of Deerfield Beach for two years. A widow with two children, she now enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, three of which, she is happy to note, live here in South Florida. The fourth one is a hair stylist in New York, and she enjoys her treks up there to visit him. Until her retirement Arlene was a self-employed, full time hairdresser, but still found time for walks on the beautiful beach here in Deerfield. She LOVES to read, and REALLY loves to travel, having taken over 26 cruises! She traveled to Europe five times, and had five trans-Atlantic crossings. Prior to coming to Florida Arlene gave a lot of her time for the betterment of her Philadelphia community when she served as committeewoman for 15 years.  She is also proud of her service as Judge of Elections with all the responsibilities therein. Her thoughtful and positive “words of wisdom” are: “Pray for Acceptance”. She finds it sad when people cannot accept actions and decisions made by others over which they have no say or control, yet unnecessarily allow residual negative feelings to control them instead of going on with their own lives. Your club appreciates you, Arlene, and your positive presence and participation each month. Thank you.


     Chances are at any gathering you will see Vivian Jeffers up and dancing rather than sitting. Dancing is her lifelong passion. Vivian was born Vivian Becroft in Philadelphia the middle child of seven. Times were tough dur-ing the Depression and her par-ents did not have the luxury to fulfill all of the children’s de-sires. Vivian learned early on that she had to figure things out for herself. During a time when her weekly allowance was fifteen cents, she would save up for two weeks to pay for one twenty five cent tap dancing class.
As she grew up and the economy improved she continued dance and began piano lessons; at seventeen she performed at Moore’s Inlet Night Club in Wildwood, NJ. Of course she met her husband on the dance floor, and she says life was like a fantasy. During WWII she took a job running a turret lathe building military machinery.
At age twenty, she married William Jeffers before he went overseas. After the war they started a family, five fine sons and one daughter. During her full and busy life she never stopped dancing, and performed in many events with her children.
In retirement they moved to South Florida where she joined the Lusty Ladies Dance Team, the Satin and Spurs Dance Team, the Ziegfeld Girls of South Florida, the Rene Goden Dancers and The Original Florida Follies. She is especially pleased to be part of the Follies effort to help needy children. Viv says, “We don’t stop dancing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop dancing.”